The treatment institution Godhavn has a continuous focus on strengthening the efficacy of their social pedagogical treatment work, and in this context, they have entered a collaboration with Propublic. Project “Professional audit” is aimed at developing a professional audit tool that is going to be integrated in the way

Godhavn is always striving for a strengthening of effective and meaningful relationships in the treatment work. Especially we are looking at how they use knowledge collaboration, that is, how they have organized their reflexive practice, how the share knowledge and how they spar to create the best development opportunities for their children and young people. We are focusing on making visible the knowledge and the experiences already present at Godhavn about what furthers the sound social pedagogical treatment work.

The duration of the collaboration is a six-month period, where Propublic will be making a multi-stranded analysis of Godhavn’s knowledge collaboration. Apart from an interest in how the social interactions support the treatment work, a qualitative journal analysis of finished treatment courses will be made, identifying efficient circumstances/conditions for the children.

Finally, we are also focusing on ensuring that Godhavn is living up to the formal framework for quality in their documentation practice with a simultaneous focus on a strengthening of meaningful documentation for the benefit of the daily treatment work. It is a great pleasure collaborating with an institution that puts great weight on continuous development of professional norms and quality of treatment as a part of their DNA.

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