Basic course in NVIVO

The course is aimed at participants who want a general introduction to the functions of the NVivo program, and focuses on teaching the participants the basic techniques of NVivo.


Course participation presupposes that you have NVivo installed on your PC or MAC. The course is aimed at participants who want to improve their methodological expertise in qualitative data analysis in general and specifically want a general introduction to the NVivo program’s functions, including coding and classification of different data types, different non-quantitative ways of searching data, identification of patterns between cases, across coding, or over time.

The course will also briefly touch on compatibility with other programs such as NCapture and RefWorks, for example for use in network analysis and systematic literature review. Particular emphasis is placed on strengthening competence in how to get from data collection to conclusions in a digitized environment.


The teaching method includes lessons and individual exercises with NVivo. The basic techniques will be taught using examples from the teacher’s own collected data. In the exercises, participants are intended to complete the examples of their own data. Subsequent feedback will be available by appointment.


After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Import material and organize a project in NVivo.
  • Use basic functions such as: Memo writing. Linking elements. Source classification. Coding.
  • Know the following features: Auto Coding. Code classification. Production of coding.

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