Journal-based efficacy analysis

– A road to knowledge-based development and change Knowledge to make a difference

Knowledge to make a difference

System analysis

We always initiate a collaboration with a system analysis to get to know your technology and digitalization.

Data collection

Propublic works in a GDPR-secured environment and based on research criteria for good data collection.

Journal analysis

We develop all analyses in collaboration with you so that you will get the relevant answers and recommendations.


The journal-based analysis quickly paves the way for learning. We will be sparring with each other continuously in conversations and on workshops


We follow up with management consulting and development of new routines for journaling.

The idea of journal-based efficacy analysis

We help you create a space for professional judgement without compromising systematic and reasonable use of knowledge.

A journal-based efficacy analysis can support the processes of change you are already planning or implementing. The idea of journal-based efficacy analysis is using the resources and knowledge you have already in your organization to create an opportunity to learn from the knowledge and experience already present in your systems and in your organization. The road to journal-based efficacy analysis is a wish for a systematic approach to documentation and knowledge collection. When you are using your own journal material rather than external data collections for analysing and documenting efficacy, then you will simultaneously get a relevant analysis competence anchored in your organization. A competence we can also support through training and courses.

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