Improvement of documentation

– A road to knowledge based development and change

Documentation must follow the task – not the other way around


Initially we describe your documentation tools and how you use them


We analyse how and to what extent you are using your documentation tools


We are always working in learning- and feedback-routines in conversations and at workshops to ensure our understanding of your practice


We will be auditing your documentation tools according to your requirements, needs and resources for optimizing

Why spend time and resources on documentation improvement?

Documentation work is becoming more and more prominent in most organizations and if your documentation is off it will cost, not only timewise but also with regard to motivation and creation of meaning

“What we measure, classify and meet around at the city hall has no value whatsoever, if it is not reflecting reality as it manifests itself for the citizens and for the employees working with the citizens” (Manager of the Family Department, area for vulnerable children and youth)

The reason why it pays off improving one’s documentation is the fact that it takes up space in the operation/running of the organization as well as mentally for the employees. The documentation is made up of routines and practices that must be supporting and reflecting the value-creating work – often with a core task that is moving all the time, and with it moves the need for a continuous development of documentation

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